Month: September 2019

बैंकरको स्वार्थ, संस्कार र बैंकिङ कसुरःबैंकरको स्वार्थ, संस्कार र बैंकिङ कसुरः

नेपालका बैंकरहरु किन सुरक्षित छैनन् भन्ने विषयमा वहस गर्नु आवश्यक छ । एक अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय सर्वेक्षण अनुसार १० मध्ये दुई जना बैंकरले धनलाई प्रेम गर्दछन् र उनीहरूको तलब धेरै पटक बढे पछि पनि तिनीहरू परिवर्तन हुँदैनन्, भ्रष्टाचार मा उनीहरु लिप्त हुन्छन । धेरै जसो अवस्थाहरूमा, बैंकरहरू स्वार्थका कारण असुरक्षा पछि लोभको सिकार हुन्छन् जब उनीहरूको जीवनशैली […]


How AI is Changing the Financial Services IndustryHow AI is Changing the Financial Services Industry

While the focus has historically been on fintech but artificial intelligence (AI) may well be the future of the financial services industry. The Global Head of the Artificial Intelligence Practice at Sapient recently noted that an increasing number of financial service companies are not only relying on AI minimize risk, but they are also deploying […]


How Banks Can Use AI to Give Businesses the Control They DesireHow Banks Can Use AI to Give Businesses the Control They Desire

According to research, poor cash flow is responsible for up to 90% of small business failures. Often, a huge contributing factor to this is the vast number of businesses lacking visibility and control of their spending, with Fraedom also finding that almost a third of UK SMEs have a clear picture of business spend at […]