Current Macroeconomic and Financial Situation of Nepal (Based on Annual Data of 2019/20)

The Nepal Rastral Bank has made public the economic and financial condition of the country for the last fiscal year 2076-77 BS. Accordingly, the average inflation has been 6.15% in the last fiscal year. During this period, the country’s balance of payments has been in surplus of Rs. 282.41 billion. Last year, the balance of payment was in deficit of Rs. 67.40 billion.

Likewise, imports declined by 15.6% while exports increased by 0.6%. Remittance inflows declined by 0.5% in Nepali Rupees and 3.3% in US Dollars. In the last fiscal year, remittance of Rs. 875.03 billion has been received. The current account deficit decreased by 87.9% to Rs. 32.06 billion during the review period.

Major Highlights

  • Annual average Inflation remained 6.15 percent.
  • Imports decreased15.6 percent and exports increased 0.6 percent. In the previous year, imports and exports expanded 13.9 percent and 19.4 percent respectively.
  • Remittances decreased 0.5percentin Rs and 3.3 percent in USD.
  • Balance of Payments remained at a surplus of Rs.282.41 billion compared to a deficit of Rs.67.40 billion last year.
  • Gross foreign exchange reserves stood at USD 11.65 billion.This level of reserve is sufficient to cover the prospective merchandise and services imports for 12.7months.
  • Broad money (M2) expanded 18.1 percent.
  • Deposits at Banks and Financial Institutions expanded 18.7 percent and claims on private sector expanded 12.6percent.
  • Total deposits at BFIs stood at Rs.3840billion and claims on private sector amounted to Rs.3277billion.

देशको वर्तमान आर्थिक तथा वित्तीय स्थीति (पूर्ण पाठ सहित)


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