Nepalese First Notice Hub – Features and Benefits:

The predominant features of our information web portal is prompt delivery of financial notices and information to people who desire it. Along with this, we aim to reach a large number of people with financial institutions notices, information, offers and policies. This is an act to enhance the traditional way of digital marketing and promotion of the company as this will drive a considerable amount of traffic to our website on a daily basis for specific news. Essentially, we will be the ‘go to’ web portal for financial news where you can:
1. View every single financial notice in one single place.
2. A ‘notices and information’ print and download service.
3. All financial notices via email alert system (after email subscribers).
4. No need to trawl through all financial websites or the daily newspapers for notices of importance.
5. The notice of specific bank and financial institutions can be filtered and search them directly.
6. All the information regarding the Branch Locations, ATM Networks and Branchless Banking Agents can be found easily.
7. People from remote and rural areas can get benefits even they lack the accessibility of newspaper.
8. Opportunity for online advertising and promotion of the member’s financial institutions.
9. Establishment of long-term relationships between the people and financial sectors.
10. Can be viewed on both mobile and PC.
11. Get away from the hectic process of searching dated notices – as all will be in one safe place on the web.
12. It plays a vital role to promote the financial literacy among the general public.

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